Pie Makings (Part 1)

I walked into the kitchen this morning to my roommate making pie.

Pie, you may ask? Why make pie first thing in the morning?

Take a look at your calendars, good people. Tomorrow is the great mathematical Pi Day, celebrated by nerds all over the world who take the time to – that’s right – eat pie.

Anna (my roommate, who’s the one hiding behind the pies) has been talking about making seven pies for the occasion for the past few weeks. I guess I’d forgotten that she’d be making them today (or, well, this morning) so I was pleasantly surprised when I found her there, working on Pie Number Five, the Strawberry Pie. She had been up all night baking, which was my original intent too (not to be making pies though – I would have used my time studying dynamics and using pi instead) … until I fell asleep. Thanks to her efforts, we shall have seven different kinds of pie tomorrow, including blueberry, key lime, chocolate, strawberry (as mentioned previously), Dutch apple, pecan, and pumpkin. I’m also trying to push her to make an eighth pie: peanut butter, which is definitely the most delicious in my opinion. No doubt you’ll hear more about this tomorrow too, but until then, they will torture me by sitting on the counter, unable to be eaten.


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